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CWC Attorney Ryan answers criticisms on Hunter trials

Crow Wing County Attorney Don Ryan held a press briefing at 2 p.m. on Tuesday June 18. Invited were local news media representatives from the Brainerd Dispatch, Crosby Ironton Courier and NewsHopper. Each representative was given the discovery material from all of the former Crosby Mayor James Hunter charged cases. All five charges were tried separately and  were either found not guilty in a jury trial or dismissed.

Ryan spoke about information that was presented in a radio interview by Station Manager Tom Martin with  Hunter and his attorney, Ed Shaw. The interview was held between 8 and 9 a.m. on Tuesday, June 11 during the Community Connection program on Skeeter 101.5 FM and KKIN 94.3 FM. [Click below to hear the full radio interview.]

Ryan had heard that the interview made claims that Crow Wing County spent tens of thousands of dollars pursuing charges against Hunter. Ryan estimated $2,000 was spent for the three cases prosecuted, $400 per case not including the actual employee time which are not accounted for on a case specific basis.

Ryan then referencing the Hunter/Shaw radio interview with the accusation that if an outside agency had done the investigation they would not have found probable cause to proceed.  

During the radio interview,  Shaw said, ”For Crosby, it’s clear they had an agenda. Mr. Hunter was saying things they didn’t want to hear and they wanted him out. And they knew .... that no outside agency was going to run with it. Because these charges are frankly bogus... And if they handed it off to an agency that didn’t have an agenda, the Crow Wing County Sheriff or the Cass County Sheriff or the Brainerd Police. They would have looked at it and said no there’s not probable cause that there’s a crime being committed here.”

Shaw continued in the  radio interview, “And I would love it if the Crow Wing County Attorney Mr. Ryan spoke up and explained as to why this happened. I’d be happy to talk to him any time any place. I think he owes the citizens an explanation.”

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